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DEVELOPMENT Corporation Ltd

A Kerala Government undertaking

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About Kerala Artisans Society

Kerala with its natural finesse and beauty, almost spontaneously, as it were, have become the breeding ground for such fine arts. Traditional practices play a dominant role in shaping this group of artisans to come forward with breathtakingly crafted finished products.

As new methods and methodologies developed with the help of modern tools and devices, the traditional touch somehow got lost in the wilderness. These gave rise to products, though perfect and good enough, lacked the enigma and mysticism so much associated with crafts such as these.

It is therefore only to be feared that these ancient art stood to suffer in its very true form and essence.

A process of “Social intervention” identifies the eligible artisan based on his social and financial status and determines his eligibility for the various benefits provided by KADCO. To such candidates are provided improved and modern production and marketing devices through the subsequent step called “Technological interventions”.

Marketing outlets and opportunities are created for the finished goods through a well strategized process. The details of such “Marketing Interventions” are dealt in detail elsewhere in the website. Finally the introduction of various Human Development schemes by KADCO helps in completing the process of rehabilitation and preservation of these ancient arts and artisans for which KADCO stands.