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DEVELOPMENT Corporation Ltd

A Kerala Government undertaking

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Participating and conducting exhibitions provide an excellent platform for potential clients to experience the product range of these skilled artisans. Better marketing channels are thus opened up for the artisans where in this environment the buyer and seller can interact freely.

As a primary step, KADCO shall conduct exhibition for about 40 artisans in all the districts of Kerala. Subsequently a KADCO proposes to hold various exhibitions covering almost 100 artisans units in three metros cities of Kerala, namely Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode.

KADCO also proposes to establish a state-of-the-art permanent exhibition centre at Kochi with all modern amenities where exhibitions will be held round the clock. There is also a proposal for an international annual fair under the banner “Artifacts Kerala”, utilizing the concept from recognized international fairs like Domotex, Japan Tex, Canton Fair etc to be held in this venue.


Bringing about awareness among the general public can be through well directed documentary videos with proper public exposure to attract attention. Professional assistance can be sought for bringing out such documentary short films in an effective manner. Print media can also be utilized through periodical insertions highlighting the exhibitions, fairs, forums etc along with advertisements and pictures of the various products with eye catching slogans and captions. Distribution of brochures and such printed leaflets can be made during state festivities and functions which attracts large crowds from all sections of the society. These supplementary marketing tools will, in the long run, serve as effective mechanisms to properly highlight the forgotten arts and crafts of yore among the people.